I am intrigued by how homes work, I believe in the agora-theory, not only for public spaces but also for private homes. I am also a bit obsessed with lighting. I am not a contemporary minimalist, more into mixing up styles and periods. I like wood, built-in furniture, fabric and texture, old and new items. Most people have furniture they want to keep and a new space should integrate those into a great new home.

Brought up in the Netherlands, I completed my European studies in Amsterdam. I worked in Brussels, The Hague and London as a management consultant and a civil servant. Meanwhile, weekends I DIY-ed, bought second-hand furniture, painted and designed. Several of my houses got published in the process. I then bit the bullet and retrained as an interior designer at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. I also learnt how to draw buildings and cityscapes.  

I have now worked more than ten years as an independent designer, first in London and now in Brussels. Most of my work is in Belgium, but I have designed houses in England, France and Croatia, and apartments in Madrid, Amsterdam and Berlin. 

I work in English, mais également en français, en ook in het Nederlands.

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