Kitchens can be made to measure or come from a kitchen shop. Ikea has a good range as well. Alternatively, an upgrade of an existing one. Key is the functional triangle. After that, it’s about how many people use the kitchen (which influences the distance between worktops), and about how open the kitchen will be and what sort of style you prefer.  And then it’s about space for recycling bins, lighting, ventilation, and making sure that doors and drawers don’t bang into each other.


Bathrooms should combine functionality (getting ready in the morning) with détente in the evening. Lighting needs to be adapted to both moods. I am old-fashioned, so, if possible, a wc should not be opposite the entrance to the bathroom, and bathtubs should fit your size (not too big, or you will slide under). There are a few more tricks to make it a soothing experience. I’ll tell you about them when we meet.

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