Most projects consist of three steps: design, specs and execution. First we meet (and that’s always for free) and you explain your ideas. I then make a proposal of how to structure the work. If you’re happy with that, we start the design process. After that, I can detail specs, electricity plans, etc, and prepare contracts for builders (step two). And when everything is lined up, the works begin (step three), either supervised by me or not.

Steps one and two are often based on a fixed fee, whilst step three is based on a percentage of the works and furnishings budget.

I use CAD 2D and 3D for designing, I make mood and sample boards, electricity and lighting plans, and detailed plans for made-to-measure furniture. I work with a network of builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters. Where needed, post-works certification (PEB, electricity, etc) is included.

Smaller projects, like a re-design of a kitchen or help with buying furniture, are, of course, more straightforward in terms of planning and preparation. Smaller projects are often based on an hourly rate.

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